Our mission

As part of the climate community, we are aware that it takes as many people, companies and organizations as possible working together to reverse the effects of climate change.

We are glad to notice that every day there are more and more projects and climate solutions that want to contribute to this goal. However, something extremely important that every climate solution must have is that it must be transparent, accurate and safe when it comes to achieving its objectives, as it is the health of the planet, biodiversity and society that is at risk.

That is why our mission is to bring transparency and empirical vision to every forestry project through our technology and constant innovation.

Our team

COO & Co-founder
CPO & Co-founder
CEO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-founder
Forestry Analyst
Plant Biologist
Forestry Engineer

Number of challenges to achieve

+ 1
Tons of CO2 to be offset
1 +
Trees to be planted
0 +
Forests to save

The values that guide us

Commitment to the SDGs

Each of the 17 goals adds up to a better world for all

Together we are stronger

Collaborating with other companies and projects will always make us go further

Positivity and Resolution

Our commitment involves learning from every mistake and growing in the face of adversity


Humility and sincerity is key to every climate change solution