Why does Coolx exist?

In a world where the least developed countries suffer the climatic and economic consequences of an unsustainable economy, Coolx was created.

To go to the root of the problem, to give voice and benefit those who bet on the planet, to provide transparency, to put an end to deforestation associated with agricultural products.

We believe in a world free of deforestation and because we believe in it, we create it.

Companies that already believe and create with us

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At Coolx we seek a triple impact


Helping companies to comply with deforestation regulations and guiding them in practices that are more respectful with our planet.


promoting the consumption of deforestation-free daily products such as coffee, cocoa or soy.


reducing deforestation associated with agricultural products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our impact to date

Hectares of agroforestry analyzed
+ 1
Countries in which we are already working
Companies that we are accompanying on their way to deforestation-free

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Our guiding values

Planet first

Our purpose is to leave a positive environmental impact.

Human relations

We understand the care of human relations as the secret of success.


Always looking for the best alternative to any problem.​

Enjoying problems​

We are passionate about solving problems, it is our job.


We apply active listening, with our eyes wide open.


Always after understanding the client's needs.

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