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The road to compliance with the EU deforestation regulation (EUDR) can be complicated, but it all starts...

These companies have already started with us

Why is EUDR compliance a headache?

Risk of losing trusted suppliers

Having to invest time in searching for new suppliers and risking the stock.

Not knowing if there is deforestation on farms

Due to the lack of geolocation data in the country of origin and the lack of precision analysis.

Collecting and reviewing documents

It takes a lot of time to manually collect and review all documents.

Difficulty to know how it applies to your company

You need to study and understand the EUDR and all the related regulations to know each obligation.

These steps have been followed by other companies to address this challenge


Through questionnaires for the company and its suppliers.


By an action plan based on the previous information.


Of all documents in a guided way and reviewed by Coolx.


They know their supply chains in detail and are ready for it.

How does this regulation apply to my company?

These companies achieved...

Know how the EUDR applies to their company

And how to communicate it internally and externally

Carry out the actions to comply

All this through a guided plan

Securing their supply chains

Analyzing them socially and environmentally

Collecting all the necessary EUDR information

To avoid any issues with EUDR

What companies we have helped say

Our achievements

Performing our technology at European level with ECF and EUSPA

We developed a first successful project for the European Union Space Program Agency (EUSPA) and the European Coffee Federation (ECF). We are currently working together on a deforestation analysis project in Brazil.

Selected by ESA BIC

Recognized by the prestigious European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (Madrid) and supported by them in technology development.

7,000 ha analyzed in 9 countries

We have successfully analyzed hundreds of agroforestry farms both socially and environmentally in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.

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